The Glacier Collection

Named after my favorite glaciers of Iceland.

The Iceland Collection

Named after my favorite places in Iceland. From my hometown, to the places my family has had summer cabins, to my favorite places to travel to.

The Casted Collection

A collection of jewelry I made with the casting technique. See behind the scenes of casting a Lion ring by going on the homepage and click ''see the process'' a bit down.

Imperfect Perfections

A womens bodies casted in 925 silver.
I made these necklaces to remind myself and anyone who is to wear them, to love yourself and love your body. To look in the mirror and list all the things you love about yourself. To love your imperfections, because they make you different and interesting and beautiful. To work on yourself. To workout and eat, not to lose weight or because you want to please others, but because it makes you feel good.
To give yourself a pat on the back for how hard you are trying. To not compare yourself to others.
To always put yourself and your wellbeing first💗

I love this text I found on Pinterest and thought it was fitting💗
Look at your hands: that have pet so many cute animals and dried so many of your tears.💗
Look at your feet: they have walked you to some of your favorite places and walked you away from the bad ones.💗
Look at your belly: think of the days when it’s been full and warm with your favorite foods.💗
Look at your legs: they have held you up when you thought you weren’t strong enough to stand.💗
Look at your eyes: they have seen so many beautiful things, places, people and animals.💗
Look at your mouth: it has told so many people that you love them.💗
Your body has been there for you since day one; love it, it loves you💗

The Love Collection

A collection of wedding rings/bands / engagement rings. Made as an assignment in school where I was to make a couple of wedding rings at different prizepoints.